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About Kruzo Grill

Located at the heart of Thornhill, Kruzo Grill Restaurant provides a warm and sensational summer getaway sentiment, delivering robust flavors and tantalizing colors of home-style, Middle-Eastern foods.

As a top class chef with over 20 years of experience, Roman has taunted the heart of Israel with 3 famous restaurants – Robinson, Kruzo and Pyatnitza – centered in Petah-Tikva. Today, after travelling half-way across the world, Roman welcomes you to Kruzo Grill Restaurant – an island of paradise. Hop into your summer shorts and slippers, pick your favorite sunglasses, and put on a straw-hat. Sail to Kruzo Grill Restaurant where pitas are filled with hummus, tahini and hot sizzling shawarma, then spice it up with a colourful, freshly cut, exotic vegetable salad. Kruzo Grill Restaurant will triumph your senses to an experience you will never forget.

Our foods are prepared from the finest ingredients. Kruzo Grill Restaurant serves French and Russian delicate as well. Follow your way to our menu section for more details.

So come join us. The aroma of the finest shawarma is floating in the air from 10am-8pm and ever after. You may also choose to reserve your evening event. Our restaurant is a perfect match for 20-30 person fiestas. Give us a call to find out more about our private event combos, availability and rates.

We Deliver TODAY! 

Shawarma in Thornhill, Shawarma in Richmond Hill, Shawarma in Vaughan, Shawarma in North York

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Our Clients Say

    • I had a whole family come to Kruzo Grill once, and their service is absolutely wonderful. The kids loved the Chicken Fingers and Mini Shawarma Dinner; we loved everything we ordered from the Main...

    • The creamy soup in the bread bowl was delicious! Lauren

    • One of the best middle-eastern cuisine restaurants in Toronto area. The shawarma is fresh and juicy, everything is tasty. Great place to lunch in the weekdays and to dine with family! Alex

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